Why your event needs a Party Booth from Creative Booth!

Let your guests show off their best and baddest behaviour with photos, GIFs and Boomerangs all night long

The Party Booth is perfect for any event where you want your guests up and moving and having a laugh – this beauty’s speciality is laughs, and it does a great job of recording the preceding antics 😉

The Party Booth records epic GIFs and Boomerangs – great for catching that sneaky kiss or a cheers to the bride and groom! Digital delivery is easy peasy over email or gusts can even keep a record of the night’s shenanigans by receiving their photos by instant SMS.

The Party Booth doesn’t print photos – because it doesn’t need to! This booth encourages people to show off their best and baddest behaviour and convinces them that it’s a good idea to capture it digitally! All of your guests epic creations are delivered to them by email or SMS. Depending on your package, you can even elect to receive a full digital gallery of the night’s happenings after your event is done and dusted – perfect for reminding people after the fact just how much fun they had on your big day.

Bride and Groom having fun with Creative Photo Booth's Party Booth
Creative Photo Booth Newcastle. Two people having fun in a Party Booth.

Instant digital delivery is always a hit – who likes to wait?! This makes the Party Booth a great choice for any event where you want your guests to share their best work! Great for social media reach, getting a brand name out there, or just spreading the good vibes around in general 🙂 Get your guests to share their image with a hashtag, or upload it to your private facebook group for your wedding. It’s up to you!

The Party Booth is the perfect addition to the event where you’re short on space…it can hide in a corner, or be the centre of attention, it’s up to you! This beauty doesn’t need a backdrop to shoot against, and can take up as little space as about 1x1m. Just choose a spot near a power point and we’ll face it towards all of the action. We’ll capture guests in their element while the antics continue in the background.

Invite the Party Booth to Your Wedding Day if you would like to capture movement and see stories in motion!

To enquire, please visit us at www.creativebooth.com.au.