Supporting wedding professionals in the Hunter for over a decade



10 years & going strong

Hunter Wedding Specialists is a group of the area’s leading wedding industry businesses who was formed in 2008 as a Not-for-Profit referral/networking Association designed to present quality Wedding Expos that will provide prospective couples with all the information and help they need in planning their wedding.

Hunter Wedding Specialists has been formed as an Association (a non profit organisation) with the sole intention of bringing together businesses that cater for the various aspects of the wedding industry.

By pooling funds, all members, small, medium and large, have equal opportunity to participate in our Wedding Expos and advertise on our website.

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The group present two (2) Wedding Expos per year [1st in early January 2nd mid August] at various locations.  With limits on exhibitors per category and a wide diversity of categories we strive to present a well-balanced expos for couples.

At each of the expos during the year we give the registered couples the opportunity to participate and win 1 of 2 $1,000.00 prizes drawn on the day.

In the early years it was hard work getting the exhibitors for some of the categories, but in recent times we now have waiting list for a lot of the categories.  As all members are equal in all aspects, each exhibitor pay the same fees to exhibit and are provided with the same space in which to do their presentations.

The group in recent years has used the services of the Variety Children’s Charity volunteers at our expos and in return for the wonderful work done by the volunteers we donate 20% of the door taking to their organisation.

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